We strive to rid each and every home, business and structure of toxic mold!

Mold causing such things as repeated flu like symptoms, major respiratory issues like Asthma and more toxic mold causing death.

Cathy Flinton

Certified Mold Inspector

Certified Canine Handler


Certified Mold Canine Inspector

Florida Canine Academy

Our Goal

To rid your home of infectious & toxic mold

Our dog pinpoints the source of the mold.

Our Team

Our Strength:

Accurate Mold Inspections

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Our dog is trained and tested within 97% accuracy. Other inspections are found to be 3% accurate and often have to be retested.             

Our Work

We find the mold. We test the air quality. We notify you regarding the level of toxicity and need for remediation.

*We do not perform the remediation.

Our Vision

801-754-MOLD (6653)

Art Flinton

Certified Mold Inspector

Certified Canine Handler

Kevin Flinton

Trainee Inspector

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